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Because You Care for Beany Bear

Anyone can become friends!

Beany Bear is a caring bear. He’s black and hairy but never scary. He searches for food, he searches for friends, his love for you never ends. Beany Bear needs all your help. His eyesight is poor and so is his luck. Find the berries, show him where, let Beany know how much you care.

Discover more adventures with Beany Bear. Look forward to Beany meeting new friends, helping him find food, shelter and more….stay tuned.

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“Suppose” is NOW Available

SUPPOSE An Inspirational Memoir by Christine Logan

Suppose our experiences can help others.
The book is based on some of my own life experiences, inspiration, love, hope, endurance and how we are lucky to have a heart to help us through our tough choices.

I am so grateful to all of you for spending time with me.


Christine Logan


Bringing It Back

Is poetry really a thing of the past?

I believe that every person has their own way of expressing what they want others to know.  Poetry is never a lost art form, if you believe it can send a message. I believe God is using me to send a message to people. He wants his children to know life can be rewarding and prosperous. If not in wealth, most definitely in love. I have always been a positive person. Sharing my thoughts through words is one way to let others know…. happiness comes from the little things.  Having hope and believing in something is a very powerful thing. Poetry does not have to be complex or written with big words. My poetry is expressed with the love I carry inside me. It is through experiences, hope, love and excitement of who I have become and what I believe, through faith, that keeps me inspired. I can only say, if you want to write poetry, do not let anyone tell you it is never going to sell or no one will ever be interested. The people who know you, they are interested! They tell others and they tell the people they know. You are writing poetry because you love to. So, believe it! Poetry is NOT a lost art form…. it will always be with us. Like people…… poetry is like the saying…” Variety is the spice of life !

I plan on always being inspired by the people I meet, the experiences I go through and the faith I have in what we are here for. I pray, you too, stay inspired and believe in yourself!

Poems of Inpiration, Poetry, To Touch Your Heart

You are my inspiration

My inspiration comes from all of you!

Every experience I have lived through, has led me to the person I am today. I found my inspiration with the strength of Jesus keeping me filled with His love. This wonderful gift was given to me when I asked for His help. Like all of you, life has its’ trials and sad times. It has honestly helped me, when I learned about Jesus. Indescribable, is the peace in my heart, no matter what happens in my life. Thank You, God.

Thank you, to all of my friends and family, for inspiring  me with your love and your support!



Coloring/Reading Book ! – books & magazines – by owner

This Children’s’ Book is UNIQUE because you can also COLOR it! The reader helps guide an orphaned…
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Christine J Logan


Beany Bear is HERE !

Because You Care for Beany Bear

With the help of his friends (including the child reading), Beany finds his mate and the outcome is exactly what we hope for.

The children are helping Beany find food, shelter, friends and the love of his life.

The main goal to this storybook, is to help children understand that ANYONE can be friends.

Thank you all for following me in my writing adventures! Christine


At Sea

Textured hills and valleys form

As each wave moves below no storm

The thrill to hold on or go with the flow

Exhilarating and beautiful is all I know

Above these waves, shadowed with tips of white

Clearly meant to be witnessed-by day or by night

As the moving waves roll far and deep

I long for the lull of a gently, swaying and peaceful sleep.


Colors of a Memory

Colors of a memory

In awe and wonder of a memory I behold, as I gaze upon an elderly couple I once knew, now surrounded by morter and stone.

The love they once shared was engulfed in hope and trust, as if the ground they walked on was made up of marshmellow dust.

If you looked above you, way up high,

It would seem as though the stars were purple in an emerald sky.

Hand in hand, eyes locked tight, only each other, surrounded by many, as they once danced through the night.

This memory of love, from these two people I knew, shows me my own heart, to love in many colors, even when others see grey skies but all I see is blue.


Suppose teaser…

I have written this book for you, so you too know you’re not alone. Life will carry on, and we can move forward from scary, unacceptable trials from our past (if you happen to have had them).

It certainly helps if we’re forgiving. Forgiveness doesn’t make something ok; hopefully it helps us to move on. Many of us think we’ve forgiven someone or something until it’s mentioned again and then anger rears its ugly head. Then you realize, hey, maybe I really do need to let this go? I too sometimes have a hard time letting go of something that gnaws at me the wrong way. Remembering the bigger picture and the end result will hopefully help us all to move on.

another insert from my book “Suppose”.

Having good, caring friends is also wonderful whether they are directly in your life or at a distance. Never forget how much love you have for them. This is certainly how friendships are made and how friends and families stay bonded. I can’t express enough how important forgiveness is. It’s the ultimate bridge for moving on, for yourself, that is, if you’ve ever been in a situation to need it or give it. Most likely, we all have because we’re only human.

This life we live in is blessed with so many little joys and wonders. Sadly, many of us miss them because our lives are so busy or so caught up in ourselves. This is sometimes noticed when we stand still and take the time to notice how our life is.

It’s truly wonderful and overflows your heart and your life with so much joy and fulfillment if we can achieve this very simple act.

For example, when an evergreen tree shows its new growth in spring, the difference on the tips of every branch is a spectacular, lighter colored green. Who could imagine something could be so beautiful and so very missed by the many busy, overlooked eyes.

Now available through iTunes, Friesenpress, kindle, Amazon, House of James, Ingram and my website, (or email transfer directly).

Thanks to you, my inspiration never runs out.