Bringing It Back

Is poetry really a thing of the past?

I believe that every person has their own way of expressing what they want others to know.  Poetry is never a lost art form, if you believe it can send a message. I believe God is using me to send a message to people. He wants his children to know life can be rewarding and prosperous. If not in wealth, most definitely in love. I have always been a positive person. Sharing my thoughts through words is one way to let others know…. happiness comes from the little things.  Having hope and believing in something is a very powerful thing. Poetry does not have to be complex or written with big words. My poetry is expressed with the love I carry inside me. It is through experiences, hope, love and excitement of who I have become and what I believe, through faith, that keeps me inspired. I can only say, if you want to write poetry, do not let anyone tell you it is never going to sell or no one will ever be interested. The people who know you, they are interested! They tell others and they tell the people they know. You are writing poetry because you love to. So, believe it! Poetry is NOT a lost art form…. it will always be with us. Like people…… poetry is like the saying…” Variety is the spice of life !

I plan on always being inspired by the people I meet, the experiences I go through and the faith I have in what we are here for. I pray, you too, stay inspired and believe in yourself!