Inspiration, Poetry

Keeping Faith With Poetry

Writing poetry has helped me with expressing encouraging words I am sometimes to shy to talk about. My faith is what keeps me inspired!  Jesus, Who He is, what He did for us and how He fills me with peace and so much love, is how I manage my thinking, my actions and my will to succeed ( even when awful things happen to me, my family, friends and what I see happen to people I do not even know. ) My will to succeed, is to be a light, a positive outlet that I hope others see and want to know more about and how and why I feel this way.

FAITH comes from GOD. We (ALL) have it!

examples of Faith….  Medicine, Bridges, Cars, Doctors, airplanes, our ideas, and believing in others…. all of it is ……FAITH 🙂

This is what I believe and why I write poetry.