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We had family tragedies too. I witnessed near-death situations and overcame the loss of loved ones.

Our family almost lost one brother to a brain aneurysm. We sadly lost our other brother, who was killed by a truck while walking across the highway. We almost lost my husband due to a virus attacking his major organs, and he now has a pacemaker. Our youngest cousin lost her three children when their father took their lives while in his care. This tears me up every time I talk about it, even now.

Dealing with these few horrible tragedies that happened to my family in such a short period of time (within two years) left me as a struggling, single mother at a stressful breaking point.

Lessons Learned

Then something happened that helped to change my life.

Thanks to a dear friend of mine (whose shoulder absorbed many a tear of mine), I was introduced to Jesus. It took my friend a few attempts to convince me to learn more of who Jesus is and how He could help me with what I was going through. I even wrote this poem you may find interesting about how this happened.

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