Good to know ….

Good morning my friends.

Anything I say here, I’m sure you’ve heard it before.

Just know how important you are to others. You are loved.

Everything you do or say seeps into those around you, so be your best version of yourself, be happy and know how valued you really are!


Colors of a Memory

Colors of a memory

In awe and wonder of a memory I behold, as I gaze upon an elderly couple I once knew, now surrounded by morter and stone.

The love they once shared was engulfed in hope and trust, as if the ground they walked on was made up of marshmellow dust.

If you looked above you, way up high,

It would seem as though the stars were purple in an emerald sky.

Hand in hand, eyes locked tight, only each other, surrounded by many, as they once danced through the night.

This memory of love, from these two people I knew, shows me my own heart, to love in many colors, even when others see grey skies but all I see is blue.

Suppose teaser…

I have written this book for you, so you too know you’re not alone. Life will carry on, and we can move forward from scary, unacceptable trials from our past (if you happen to have had them).

It certainly helps if we’re forgiving. Forgiveness doesn’t make something ok; hopefully it helps us to move on. Many of us think we’ve forgiven someone or something until it’s mentioned again and then anger rears its ugly head. Then you realize, hey, maybe I really do need to let this go? I too sometimes have a hard time letting go of something that gnaws at me the wrong way. Remembering the bigger picture and the end result will hopefully help us all to move on.

another insert from my book “Suppose”.

Having good, caring friends is also wonderful whether they are directly in your life or at a distance. Never forget how much love you have for them. This is certainly how friendships are made and how friends and families stay bonded. I can’t express enough how important forgiveness is. It’s the ultimate bridge for moving on, for yourself, that is, if you’ve ever been in a situation to need it or give it. Most likely, we all have because we’re only human.

This life we live in is blessed with so many little joys and wonders. Sadly, many of us miss them because our lives are so busy or so caught up in ourselves. This is sometimes noticed when we stand still and take the time to notice how our life is.

It’s truly wonderful and overflows your heart and your life with so much joy and fulfillment if we can achieve this very simple act.

For example, when an evergreen tree shows its new growth in spring, the difference on the tips of every branch is a spectacular, lighter colored green. Who could imagine something could be so beautiful and so very missed by the many busy, overlooked eyes.

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Thanks to you, my inspiration never runs out.

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