My Heart is Yours

Written By Christine J. Logan

 “My Heart is Yours”

This book is written with the intension of expressing how important friends and family are. How important it is to be safe out there. My brother died August 2010 when crossing the highway at night. He was hit by a truck and was killed. This book is dedicated to him.  My heart pours out for all of you (who have lost a loved one).  Please cherish every moment of your life, because it also belongs to every person who loves you.

Thank you so much for all your support in my journey!

Here is an excerpt from My Heart is Yours:

Because of You

Because You care
You’re always there
Because You love me
My sins, You spare
Because I ask
You fill my heart
With Your Holy Spirit
For my day to start
Because my faith in You in strong
You bless me in knowing
To stay away from wrong
Because I can, because it’s Your will
You lead me to others
With their hearts to fill
Fill them with faith, truth and love
Guide them with purpose
To receive Your love.

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