New Book

Because You Care for Beany Bear

Anyone can become friends!

Beany Bear is a caring bear. He’s black and hairy but never scary. He searches for food, he searches for friends, his love for you never ends. Beany Bear needs all your help. His eyesight is poor and so is his luck. Find the berries, show him where, let Beany know how much you care.

You’ll discover more adventures with Beany Bear when the book is complete. Look forward to Beany meeting new friends, helping him find food, shelter and more….stay tuned.

Thank you

New Book, To Touch Your Heart

This one hits home!

My Heart is Yours ( Family First, Friends Forever )

This book is dedicated to my little brother. He was killed by a truck in 2010 while walking across the highway.  I miss you, Riccy!

I can not stress enough, how important it is, to value your every breath. Your life is not your own. It belongs to everyone who loves you. So, cherish it and be safe!

God bless you all!