You are my inspiration

My inspiration comes from all of you!

Every experience I have lived through, has led me to the person I am today. I found my inspiration with the strength of Jesus keeping me filled with His love. This wonderful gift was given to me when I asked for His help. Like all of you, life has its’ trials and sad times. It has honestly helped me, when I learned about Jesus. Indescribable, is the peace in my heart, no matter what happens in my life. Thank You, God.

Thank you, to all of my friends and family, for inspiring  me with your love and your support!


Mission Tree

Here is an excerpt from, To Touch Your Heart – Poems of Inspiration

Mission Tree

Mission Tree, wait for me

To say hello

to see you stand alone

so full and round

The drive toward your home

your field

where you live

Inspires me to smile

before I even see you

Mission tree

my favorite tree