New Book, To Touch Your Heart

This one hits home!

My Heart is Yours ( Family First, Friends Forever )

This book is dedicated to my little brother. He was killed by a truck in 2010 while walking across the highway.  I miss you, Riccy!

I can not stress enough, how important it is, to value your every breath. Your life is not your own. It belongs to everyone who loves you. So, cherish it and be safe!

God bless you all!

Poems of Inpiration, Poetry, To Touch Your Heart

You are my inspiration

My inspiration comes from all of you!

Every experience I have lived through, has led me to the person I am today. I found my inspiration with the strength of Jesus keeping me filled with His love. This wonderful gift was given to me when I asked for His help. Like all of you, life has its’ trials and sad times. It has honestly helped me, when I learned about Jesus. Indescribable, is the peace in my heart, no matter what happens in my life. Thank You, God.

Thank you, to all of my friends and family, for inspiring  me with your love and your support!


Poetry, To Touch Your Heart

Still touching hearts through inspiration

I am an author with much to share. Through art, poetry and other genres of books, you will find me on the internet, iTunes, FriesenPress and some book stores. I love to express a variety of works to inspire hope, love and just knowing whatever w3 may be going through, we’re never alone in it. Reach out to anyone, any form of connecting and know you’re loved.

Experiences and people I have met through the years has inspired me to keep writing.

My first book is, To Touch Your Heart, dedicated to my daughter Mary. The second book, Special Tribute to Mothers Everywhere is co-written with Gord Baird. My third book is My Heart is Yours, and is dedicated to my brother, Riccy.

The poems are written in a contemporary format and designed to touch your heart.

It’s not only simple, heartfelt poetry that is meant to fill others with love, hope and joy, it’s a story of a young girl’s journey through life. A life that could have similarities of your own. You can read about it in my latest book,”Suppose”. (The Experience of one Can Help Another)

Keep a watchful eye on my next release! A fascinating adventure of a little bear you may remember,”Because You Care for Beany Bear”. There’s more to the story than you know.

Thanks for believing in me.