“Suppose” is NOW Available

SUPPOSE An Inspirational Memoir by Christine Logan

Suppose our experiences can help others.
The book is based on some of my own life experiences, inspiration, love, hope, endurance and how we are lucky to have a heart to help us through our tough choices.

I am so grateful to all of you for spending time with me.


Christine Logan


A gentle tug, a warm tear.

Hope, faith and inspiration are inside all of us. The smallest of things can trigger a memory. Songs, smells, tastes, sound, touch, to name a few. Remember what you’ve experienced in your life has participated in making you who you are. Appreciate what you’ve been through, forgive and keep your head up to a brighter tomorrow.

It’s a wonderful feeling when you read a book, listen to a certain style of music or gaze at a favorite painting.
You feel this gentle tug at your heart, perhaps a tear rolls down your cheek or you smile; just a little.
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Everyone loves a good tug on their heart!