To Touch Your Heart


Enjoy these poems which can be found inside this book.

Waiting’s OK

Waiting is easy when you’re filled with joy

When you’re not in a hurry or haven’t a ploy

It’s different than having patience you know

It’s amazing and kind when it’s love that you hold

Patience is sometimes often quite hard

So turn it to waiting, it changes your heart.


In My Eyes

In my eyes, you will not see

No hate, no fear, no doubt from me

The Lord has blessed me with love and joy

To share with others with hope and belief

In my eyes, you will not see

No anger, no spite, no jealousy

You will find a light, a smile, a way within

To hold your hope and let your journey begin

In my eyes, you will see

When I trust the Lord and believe,

Nothing is forsaken me.


Life’s Mystery

Life is but a mystery

One step closer for me to see

To see behind me with one eye shut

To be able to speak without the “but”

I learn as I go, try not to say no

Walk ever so gentle, step on no toes

I don’t know the future, I can only imagine

The closer I get, the less I fathom.